From American to French: Understanding the Key Differences in Roulette Variations

From American to French: Understanding the Key Differences in Roulette Variations

From American to French: Understanding the Key Differences in Roulette Variations

Gambling enthusiasts worldwide are captivated by the game of roulette. The spinning wheel, the bouncing ball, and the anticipation of where it will land – all combine to create an exhilarating experience that has stood the test of time. But did you know that there are different variations of roulette? In this article, we will explore the key differences between American and French Roulette.

American Roulette

American Roulette is the most commonly played variation in casinos across the United States. The wheel in American Roulette consists of 38 pockets, including numbers 1 to 36, a single zero (0), and a double zero (00). The presence of the double zero increases the house edge, making it more advantageous for the casino.

Another distinct feature of American Roulette is the layout of the betting table. It follows a specific pattern that allows players to place a variety of inside and outside bets. Inside bets involve wagering on specific numbers or small groups of numbers. Outside bets, on the other hand, offer lower payouts but higher odds of winning, as they cover larger sections of the wheel.

In American Roulette, the numbers on the wheel are arranged in a non-consecutive order, with the opposing numbers adding up to 37 or 39. This arrangement is done to ensure fairness and maintain randomness.

French Roulette

French Roulette, also known as European Roulette, is the preferred variation played across most of Europe and in many online casinos. The wheel in French Roulette features 37 pockets, including numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero (0). The absence of the double zero significantly lowers the house edge compared to its American counterpart.

One interesting aspect of French Roulette is the “La Partage” rule. According to this rule, if the ball lands on zero and the player has placed an even-money bet, they will receive half of their original wager back. This rule further decreases the house edge and enhances the player’s odds of winning.

The betting table layout in French Roulette is similar to that of American Roulette, allowing players to place inside and outside bets. However, the French version often includes additional betting options, such as “Voisins du Zéro” (neighbors of zero) and “Jeu Zéro” (zero game), which provide unique ways to place bets on certain sections of the wheel.

Additionally, French Roulette uses the “En Prison” rule. This rule applies to even-money bets when the ball lands on zero. Instead of losing the entire wager, the bet is “imprisoned” or held for another spin. If the subsequent spin results in a win, the original wager is returned to the player without any winnings. This rule further reduces the house edge, making French Roulette even more player-friendly.


1. Can I play both American and French Roulette in online casinos?

Yes, most online casinos offer both American and French Roulette variations. You can choose your preferred version based on your strategy and preferences.

2. Are the payouts different in American and French Roulette?

The basic payouts in both versions remain the same. However, the presence of the double zero in American Roulette increases the house edge and slightly affects the odds and potential returns for certain bets.

3. Which variation of roulette has better odds?

French Roulette offers better odds for players due to the absence of the double zero and the implementation of the La Partage and En Prison rules. These rules favor the player and reduce the house edge, increasing the chances of winning.

4. Can I apply the same strategies in both American and French Roulette?

While some strategies can be applied to both variations, it is essential to consider the impact of the double zero, La Partage, and En Prison rules on the effectiveness of certain strategies. It is advisable to adjust your approach accordingly.

5. What is the significance of the non-consecutive arrangement of numbers on the roulette wheel?

The non-consecutive arrangement is designed to ensure that no consecutive numbers or groups of numbers are next to each other on the wheel, thereby maintaining the randomness of the game and preventing any biases.

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